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A Message from our President

Dear Kindred Spirits in Travel and Service,

It gives me great pleasure to reach out to past travelers, sponsors, family, and friends who have supported our work through the years. With more than 30 trips to Costa Rica in the past decade creating a sustainable girls’ center in the heart of the rainforest, it has become like a second home to me. There is nothing like waking up to howler monkeys in a bungalow overlooking the Caribbean, doing morning yoga, then participating in numerous adventure activities throughout the day. Many people on these trips have been asking about other destinations we have done in the past.

So, we are excited to announce India and Uganda will be returning in 2019 along with a few more annual trips to Costa Rica. India will again be during the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh (the yoga capital of the world) and Uganda will include working at the Shanti Uganda Birthing Center followed by an African safari. Detailed itineraries are on our new website,

After traveling to approximately 140 countries, I am excited to be working with Maryjane Behforouz, our V.P. of International Retreats, to bring all of you some of our favorite trips. Join us in 2019 for Africa and Asia and look forward to what other destinations the future holds.

As many of you know, our mission is to create impact through transformational yoga retreats and service. Our work to collaborate with and improve communities creates genuine connections and learning experiences around the world.

As we travel with purpose, we enrich, educate, and empower girls in rural areas. Our hope is that each girl we engage with reaches her full intellectual and earning potential so that she becomes a self-sufficient leader in her community.

In the rainforest of Costa Rica we do this through our own Girls for Success center. As we travel to other destinations, we are grateful to our international humanitarian partners to help achieve these same goals for girls. Proceeds from our international trips go directly to the Girls for Success program – as do 100% of all donations.

This new quarterly newsletter includes more information about our Girls for Success program in Costa Rica and the difference our teacher extraordinaire, Meghan Stepnowski Tolhurst, has made the last couple of years. Read more about these special girls and how you can help.

All of us here are inspired by a quote from Mark Twain, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” We hope to see you on a trip soon where we will Travel with Purpose in more ways than one.



Sally Brown Bassett, Ph.D., EYT-500

President/Chief Passion Officer

Peace through Yoga Foundation


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