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Happy Process (March 2021)

Satisfaction and happiness, these are the two words that best describe my first month as the Girls for Success teacher. It has been a delightful learning process, not only for professional growth but for my personal growth as well. During this transition, I have become well acquainted with our eager students. I have learned about the administrative duties of the job. I have met the parents, grandparents and/or guardians of the girls. These humble and generous people have opened their hearts and even their homes to me, offering to help in many ways. I can honestly say that every detail of this experience has been positive and better than I could have imagined.

Early this month, the girls had their last class with teacher Carla. We thanked her with homemade brownies & pizza. The girls wrote letters expressing their love and gratitude to her. There were tears as we all wished her the best in her future endeavors. Following in Carla's footsteps is a challenge and change can be difficult for the girls. However, I am thankful that I had a transition period to co-teach with Carla. She has provided me with the tools to help the girls adapt and to do the job well.

Happily, we resumed weekly sewing classes at the school this month. The girls learned to sew their own shorts. They did a great job and had fun. Reyna will introduce new designs in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, we have had the honor of hosting a volunteer at our center. Kate is a student at Michigan State University. This is her second time volunteering here at GFS. You will learn more about her below.

Our Volunteer from MSU

In 2019, I came to live in Hone Creek and volunteer at Girls for Success for two months through a study abroad program at Michigan State University. Along with two other girls from my school, I attended the girls’ classes and workshops every day, and helped with their assignments, the lesson plans, and the Mentorship Club. I was able to get to know each of the girls individually, and see that each one of them was strong, intelligent, and hardworking. I could see the positive impact that being a part of Girls for Success was having on their lives, with the English speaking, life skills, and friendships it gave them. Even though the initial time I spent there was short, I knew that the relationships I had made with the girls and their community would last forever, and that I couldn’t stay away for long.

Now, two years later, I am back in Costa Rica and back at Girls for Success. I feel so fortunate to be back here, doing what I love, with some of the most special people I’ve ever met. Seeing the girls again, seeing how much they’ve grown and how far they’ve come in the program, it filled my heart to the brim. Teacher Cata is an amazing addition to the team. I’m so excited to see all that the girls will achieve with her, and happy that I can be here to help them for a little while. Even though I will have to leave again after a few months, I will not be sad because I know that I will be back, again and again. I take the girls in my heart with me wherever I go, and a part of me will forever live in Hone Creek.

Kate Kelly


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