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Beach Days With Board Members

“Beach days are the best days.”

We are excited to have our Board Members Maryjane, Chris, their daughters come to visit us. On the first day of their visit we had them join us for English class. We played many interactive games and the girls really enjoyed having them in our classroom.

The next two days we planned to go the beach in Puerto Viejo. We packed up the bus with inflatables, noodles, soccer balls and goggles. We arrived at the beach in front of Jonny’s Place and jumped right in. Some girls learned to swim from our Board members while others had some free time. Maryjane gave swimming lessons to the girls and it was amazing to see Zugeily really want to learn different ways of swimming. The girls enjoyed wearing the goggles because in the Caribbean there is a lot of coral and the water is crystal clear. There are various types of fish and the girls loved swimming underwater to see them.

Later, we had pizza delivered to the beach for lunch to give them more energy for the day. We rested up and put together a soccer game the girls verse the adults and of course the girls own! Before the trip came to an end the girls stopped by la Heladeria to try some gelato. This was a first for many of them, some of their favorite flavors were Chocolate, Pitufo, and Oreo!

We all had such a great time and the girls were very excited to spend their time with our Board Members. A big thank you to MaryJane and Chris for coming to spend time with us, we will cherish these memories!

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