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The Sleep-over

July’s Field Trip to Faith Glamping Domes was an incredible experience for all parties involved. This Blog is a thank you and a Love Letter to all those who helped create such a special experience for our girls. Andrea of Faith Glamping Domes invited the girls to enjoy a night in the Domes free of charge. She did so out of love for our project, herself a single, educated, business owning Boss Babe Tica! What she provided when well beyond a place to stay for the evening. We were treated to a bonfire on the beach, followed by pizza and a movie! The showing of Disney’s Moana was made possible by our borrowing a projector from our friends at OM Cashew hill in Puerto Viejo. The wildly talented Michael Preston Photography photographed the entire event. I have decided this month to let the beauty of his photographs (mostly) speak for themselves.

The Girls Getting Ready to Roast Marshmallows in the “fogata” or bonfire

The fire getting underway

The girls painting a sign to hang at the Glamping Domes; as a thank you for our evening and our generous host.

Happy Campers

Here we are sharing joy on the beach: strong, happy, intelligent and empowered women enjoying a little fun in the moonlight. This was an incredible experience to be a part of. The generosity we received and the joy that we shared as a community and a group of women will not soon be forgotten.

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