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why educational excursions?

Due to the economic standing of many families in the communities our center serves, many children are not afforded many outside experiences. We aim to give our students the opportunity to see and learn new things and inspire them personally and professionally, presenting them with options they may not have known they have.


Examples of these trips include visits to local establishments such as legal and medical offices, resorts, and NGOs focusing on the environment and social issues. We have also organized cookouts on the beach after helping clean up the local bus stop and worked with local adventure programs that very few non-tourists are able to participate in.

If you are interested in visiting our center please email us at

trip to san jose

When donations make it possible, the year culminates in a weekend trip to San Jose, the nation’s capital, for those who meet an overall percentage of attendance (approximately 80%) that year. Activities in this trip include visits to top city sights such as the National Theater, the Children’s Museum, and a movie (very few of our students have ever seen a movie in theaters). This not only provides the girls with an experience they may not have otherwise had but also serves as a tangible award for hard work and the motivation to keep up the hard work.

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